Bayesian Estimation of Random Parameter Models of Responses with Normal and Skew-t Distibutions Evidence from Monte Carlo Simulation

Mohammad Masjkur, Henk Folmer


Random parameter models have been found to outperform xed pa-rameter models to estimate dose-response relationships with independent errors. Amajor restriction, however, is that the responses are assumed to be normally andsymmetrically distributed. The purpose of this paper is to analyze Bayesian infer-ence of random parameter response models in the case of independent responseswith normal and skewed, heavy-tailed distributions by way of Monte Carlo simu-lation. Three types of Bayesian estimators are considered: one applying a normal,symmetrical prior distribution, a second applying a Skew-normal prior and, a thirdapplying a Skew-t-distribution. We use the relative bias (RelBias) and Root MeanSquared Error (RMSE) as valuation criteria. We consider the commonly applied lin-ear Quadratic and the nonlinear Spillman-Mitscherlich dose-response models. Onesimulation examines the performance of the estimators in the case of independent,normally and symmetrically distributed responses; the other in the case of indepen-dent responses following a heavy-tailed, Skew-t-distribution. The main nding isthat the estimator based on the Skew-t prior outperforms the alternative estima-tors applying the normal and Skew-normal prior for skewed, heavy-tailed data. Fornormal data, the Skew-t prior performs approximately equally well as the Skew-normal and the normal prior. Furthermore, it is more ecient than its alternatives.Overall, the Skew-t prior seems to be preferable to the normal and Skew-normal fordose-response modeling.


Dose-response model, Bayesian estimation, Gibbs sampler, Random parameter model, Skew-normal distribution, Skew-t distribution.

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