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We study the relation between two known n-norms on lp, the space ofp-summable sequences. One n-norm is derived from GÄahler's formula (1969), whilethe other is due to Gunawan (2001). We show in particular that the convergence inone n-norm implies that in the other. The key is to show that the convergence ineach of these n-norms is equivalent to that in the usual norm on lp.



n-normed spaces p-summable sequence spaces n-norm equivalence

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Anwar Mutaqin, Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa, Serang

Department of Mathematics Education
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Mutaqin, A., & Gunawan, H. (2010). EQUIVALENCE OF n-NORMS ON THE SPACE OF p-SUMMABLE SEQUENCES. Journal of the Indonesian Mathematical Society, 16(1), 1–7.