LP-Sasakian Manifolds Equipped with Zamkovoy Connection and Conharmonic Curvature Tensor

Abhijit Mandal, Ashoke Das


In this paper we have proved some results on conharmonically flat, quasi conharmonically flat and φ-conharmonically flat LP-Sasakian manifolds with respect to Zamkovoy connection. Also, we study generalized conharmonic φ-recurrent LP-Sasakian manifolds with respect to Zamkovoy connection. Moreover, we study LP-Sasakian manifolds satisfying K*(ξ,U)∘R*=0, where K* denotes conharmonic curvature tensor and R* denotes Riemannian curvature tensor with respect to Zamkovoy connection.


LP-Sasakian Manifold; Conharmonic Curvature Tensor; Zamkovoy Connection

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22342/jims.27.2.960.137-149


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