Central Graph of Quadrilateral Snakes with Chromatic Number

Akhlak Mansuri, Rohit Mehta, R S Chandel


This article shows the study about the harmonious coloring and to investigate the harmonious chromatic number of the central graph of quadrilateral snake, double quadrilateral snake, triple quadrilateral snake, k-quadrilateral snake, alternate quadrilateral snake, double alternate quadrilateral snake, triple alternate quadrilateral snake and k-alternate quadrilateral snake, denoted by C(Qn), C(DQn), C(TQn), C(kQn), C(AQn), C(D(AQn)), C(T(AQn)), C(k(AQn)) respectively.


Harmonious coloring, Harmonious chromatic number, Cen- tral graph, Quadrilateral and alternate quadrilateral snakes

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22342/jims.27.1.948.1-8


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