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Different competitions of the real world have been designed by the bipolar neutrosophiccompetitions graphs. In this paper, we first introduce the concept of p-competition bipo-lar neutrosophic graphs. We then define generalization of bipolar neutrosophic competitiongraphs called m-step bipolar neutrosophic competition graphs. Further, we present somerelated bipolar neutrosophic graphs, including m-step bipolar neutrosophic neighbourhoodgraphs, bipolar neutrosophic economic competition graphs and m-step bipolar neutrosophiceconomic competition graphs. Finally, we describe an application of m-step bipolar neutro-sophic competition graphs.


p-Competition bipolar neutrosophic graphs m-Step bipolar neutrosophic com petition graphs m-Step bipolar neutrosophic economic competition graphs Algorithm.

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Muhammad Akram, University of the Punjab, Lahore

Department of Mathematics, Professor
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Akram, M. (2017). Certain Bipolar Neutrosophic Competition Graphs. Journal of the Indonesian Mathematical Society, 24(1), 1–25.


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