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Let (M,g) be a Finsler manifold and TM0 its slit tangent bundle with the complete lift metric ~g.

In this paper we prove that every infinitesimal complete lift projective transformation on (TM0,~g), is an infinitesimal affine transformation. Moreover, if (M,g) is a Landsberg manifold, then there is a one-to-one correspondence between infinitesimal complete lift projective transformations on (TM0,~g) and infinitesimal affine transformations on (M,g).


Finsler manifold‎ ‎Complete lift metric‎ ‎Tangent bundle‎ ‎Infinitesimal projective transformation.

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Bidabad, B., MirMorhamad Rezaii, M., & Zohrehvand, M. (2017). On Infinitesimal Projective Transformations of the Tangent Bendle With the Complete Lift of A Finsler Metric. Journal of the Indonesian Mathematical Society, 23(1), 1–12.