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Using the Hasse diagrams of concept lattices, we investigate the
relations between matroids and geometric contexts, followed by
judging a mathematical construction to be a matroid. We provide an
idea to find out the dual of a matroid from the ways of concept
lattice drawing. In addition, we utilize the Hasse diagrams of
concept lattices to discuss the minors of matroids, direct sum of
matroids and the connectivity of a matroid. All the consequences
demonstrate that the theory of concept lattice drawing can be used
into matroids. This generalizes the applied fields of concept



matroid concept lattice Hasse diagram geometric

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hua mao, hebei university

department of mathematics
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mao, hua. (2017). SOME PROPERTIES OF MATROIDS OBTAINED FROM CONCEPT LATTICE APPROACHES. Journal of the Indonesian Mathematical Society, 22(2), 183–190.


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