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In 2019, Salim et al proved the vector-valued inequality for maximal operator with rough kernel on Lebesgue spaces and Morrey spaces. This results extend Fefferman-Stein inequality (1971). In 1970’s, Adams introduced another variant of Morrey spaces, which called as Morrey-Adams spaces. In this article, we prove vector-valued inequality for maximal operator and fractional integral operator with rough kernel on Morrey–Adams spaces.


Morrey-Adams Space Fractional Integral Operator Rough Kernel Vector-Valued Inequality

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Salim, D., Soeharyadi, Y., & Budhi, W. S. (2022). Vector-Valued Inequality of Fractional Integral Operator with Rough Kernel on Morrey-Adams Spaces. Journal of the Indonesian Mathematical Society, 28(2), 164–172.


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