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A larger class of algebraic hyperstructures satisfying the ring (field)-like
axioms is the class of Hv-rings (Hv-fields). In this paper, we define the Hv-integral
domain and introduce the Hv-field of fractions of an Hv-integral domain. Also, the
Hv-quotient ring and some relative theorems are presented. Finally, some interesting
results about the Hv-rings of fractions, Hv-quotient rings and the relations between
them are proved.


Hv-integral domain Hv-field of fractions Hv-normal subgroup Hv-quotient ring fundamental relation

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Ghadiri, M. (2021). Hv-Field of Fractions and Hv-Quotient Rings. Journal of the Indonesian Mathematical Society, 27(1), 75–89.


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