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Let Γ be a finite group and let S ⊆ Γ be a subset. The Cayley graph, denoted byCay(Γ, S) has vertex set Γ and two distinct vertices x, y ∈ Γ are joined by a directed edge fromx to y if and only if there exists s ∈ S such that x = sy. In this manuscript, we characterize the generating setsS for which Cay(Γ, S) is isomorphic to somealgebraic graphs, namely, unit graphs, co-unit graphs, total graph and co-total graphs.

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Pranjali, P., Kumar, A., & Yadav, T. (2021). Cayley Graphs Versus Algebraic Graphs. Journal of the Indonesian Mathematical Society, 27(2), 130–136.


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