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This paper is concerned with the vibration and position control of a single link flexible manipulator. Robot link manipulators are widely used in various industrial applications. It is desirable to build light weight flexible manipulators. Light flexible manipulators have a variety of applications, most significantly in space exploration,manufacturing automation, construction, mining, and hazardous operation. Timoshenko beam theory is used to derive mathematical model of a flexible manipulator. The dynamic equations of motion are obtained using the Lagrange's formulation of dynamics.The H∞ controller is designed for vibration and position control of the system. Simulations are presented and show that vibration and position control of a single flexible link can be controlled with the designed H∞ controller.



vibration reduction flexible manipulator Timoshenko beam theory Lagrange's formulation of dynamics.

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Saragih, R., & Tarwidi, D. (2012). VIBRATION REDUCTION ON SINGLE-LINK FLEXIBLE MANIPULATOR USING H<sub>&infin; </sub>CONTROL. Journal of the Indonesian Mathematical Society, 14(2), 73–82.