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In this paper, we apply the concept of fuzzy translations of a fuzzy set to UP-algebras.For any fuzzy set $\mu$ in a UP-algebra,the concepts of fuzzy $\alpha$-translations of $\mu$ of type \textrm{I} and of fuzzy $\beta$-translations of $\mu$ of type \textrm{II} are introduced, their basic properties are investigated and some useful examples are discussed.The concepts of prime fuzzy sets and of weakly prime fuzzy sets in UP-algebras are also studied.Moreover, we discuss the concepts of extensions and of intensions of a fuzzy set in UP-algebras.


UP-algebra fuzzy set fuzzy translation extension intension

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Iampan, A. (2017). Fuzzy Translations of A Fuzzy Set in UP-Algebras. Journal of the Indonesian Mathematical Society, 23(2), 1–19.


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